The intercepts of the second line are and therefore

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Unformatted text preview: the system of equations The initial conditions are and . The equilibrium values are obtain by solving the system Its solution leads to and . The question refers to possible solution of the system It is possible for formally solve the system of equations, but the unique solution gives and , which is not physically possible. ________________________________________________________________________ page 342 —————————————————————————— CHAPTER 7. —— . We can write , which are the equations of two lines in the -plane: The intercepts of the first line are and . The intercepts of the second line are and . Therefore the system will have a unique solution, in the first quadrant, as long as or . That is, . ________________________________________________________________________ page 343 —————————————————————————— CHAPTER 7. —— Section 7.2 2 . A B . A B . AB . BA 3. A B A 4 B . A . By definition, A A A. 5. ________________________________________________________________________ page 344 —————————————————————————— CHAPTER 7. —— A B 7. Let A and B elementwise. That is, . . . . . The...
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