601 605 chapter 22 conjugate addition and

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Unformatted text preview: ermediate in the base- catalyzed reaction is an enolate ion pp. 452- 454 Summary of types of enol and enolate pp. 454- 456 2 Stable enols pp. 456- 459 Consequences of enolization pp. 459- 460 Reaction with enols and enolates as intermediates pp. 460- 465 Stable equivalents of enolate ions pp. 465- 467 Enol and enolate reactions at oxygen: preparation of enol ethers pp. 467- 468 Reactions of enol ethers pp. 468- 470 Week 2 — January 13-17 Chapter 25. Alkylation of enolates pp. 584- 613 Carbonyl groups show diverse reactivity p. 584 Some important considerations that affect all alkylations pp. 584- 585 Nitriles and nitroalkanes can be alkylated pp. 585- 587 Choice of electrophile for alkylation p. 587 Lithium enolates of carbonyl compounds pp. 587- 588 Alkylation of lithium enolates pp. 588- 590...
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