614 655 crossed ester condensations pp 643 646 summary

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Unformatted text preview: Using specific enol equivalents to alkylate aldehydes and ketones pp. 591- 595 Alkylation of β- dicarbonyl compounds pp. 595- 598 Ketone alkylation poses a problem in regioselectivity pp. 598- 601 Enones provide a solution to regioselectivity problems pp. 601- 605 Chapter 22. Conjugate addition and nucleophilic aromatic substitution Alkenes conjugated with carbonyl groups pp. 498- 499 Conjugated alkenes can be electrophilic pp. 499- 509 Summary: factors controlling conjugate addition pp. 509- 510 Chapter 25. Alkylation of enolates pp. 584- 613 Using Michael acceptors as electrophiles pp. 605- 612 To conclude pp. 612- 613 Week 3 — January 20-24 Chapter 26. Reaction of enolates with carbonyl compounds: the aldol and Claisen reactions pp. 614- 655 Introduction p. 614 The aldol reaction pp....
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