898 901 making five membered rings 13 dipolar

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Unformatted text preview: 615- 618 Cross- Condensations pp. 618- 624 Specific enol equivalents can be used to control aldol reaction pp. 624- 630 How to control aldol reactions of esters pp. 631- 632 How to control aldo reactions of aldehydes pp. 632- 633 How to control aldol reactions of ketones pp. 634- 636 Intramolecular aldol reactions pp. 636- 640 Acyation at carbon pp. 640- 643 Week 4 — January 27-31 Chapter 26. Reaction of enolates with carbonyl compounds: the aldol and Claisen reactions pp. 614- 655 Crossed ester condensations pp. 643- 646 Summary of the preparation of keto- esters by Claisen reaction pp. 647 Controlling acylation with specific enol equivalents pp. 648- 652 Intramolecular crossed Claisen ester condensations pp. 652- 654 Chapter 33. Diastereoselectivity Aldol reactions can be stereoselective pp....
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