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Unformatted text preview: The problems contained in these chapters should be solved and some additional problems may be distributed. These problems will not be graded, but are pivotal to succeeding in this course. This class uses a structure/reactivity and mechanistic approach to organic chemistry in order to create an environment of understanding instead of memorization. 4 You are responsible for what you learn and how you learn. Learn how to learn by reading and studying effectively. In order to successfully complete CHEM 360, you must be able to solve problems at the textbook and assignments level. Do not hesitate to ask the instructor to clarify difficult points or concepts, in class, tutorial, or during office hours. See the How to Study Organic Chemistry Section 1) Work with a pencil; 2) Don’t memorize; 3) Work in groups; 4) Work the problems; 5) Use all resources available to you. Student assessment Nine Weekly Quizzes (10% in total, 5- 10 minutes) will...
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