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Unformatted text preview: stry pp. 1069- 1101 Palladium is the most used metal in homogenous catalysis pp. 1078- 1079 The Heck reaction couples together an organic halide or triflate and an alkene pp. 1079- 1082 Cross- coupling of organometallics and halides pp. 1082- 1088 Week 11 — March 24-28 Chapter 40. Organometallic chemistry pp. 1069- 1101 Allylic electrophiles are activated by palladium(0) pp. 1088- 1092 Palladium- catalyzed amination of aromatic rings pp. 1092- 1095 Week 12 — March 31-April 4 Chapter 40. Organometallic chemistry pp. 1069- 1101 Alkenes coordinated to palladium(II) are attacked by nucleophiles pp. 1096- 1098 Palladium catalysis in the total synthesis of a natural alkaloid pp. 1098- 1099 An overview of some transition metals pp. 1099- 1101 This schedule is tentative and it may change during the term. E xpectation of student commitment to the course It is strongly recommended to read the textbook chapters covered in the course....
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