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Unformatted text preview: ctions (cycloadditions, electrocyclizations, and sigmatropic rearrangements), and organometallic- promoted reactions, with a particular attention to Pd- catalyzed cross- coupling reactions. The factors governing the mechanistic, stereochemical and regiochemical course of these processes will be presented and discussed for each method. For pericyclic reactions, the emphasis will be on how appreciation of the frontier molecular orbitals allows prediction of the reactivity of the systems, as well as relative reaction rates, regiochemistry and stereochemistry. Course learning objectives Reactivity s em tio ri Pe i n R ty licity eac tio ns st (FMO Sy s ed rbitals ion act gat r O ter ula In nju s lec MO ion Co Mo -LU act tier MO Re on lic Fr HO cyc Ca rbo Nu ny cle lC oph om ilic po α-S Basic ity/E un ity/ lec ub ds Ac trop stit idi h u The emphasis of this course is on the development of problem solving skills in the context of synthesis and reaction mechanisms of organic compounds. The student will...
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