Ca ext 32470 lectures we will meet for chem 360

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Unformatted text preview: gain and demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the structure of an organic molecule and its reactivity. 's) Cross-Coupling Reactions 18-Electron Rule, Oxidation State, Ligand Pd-Catalyzed C-C Bond Forming Processes Organometallic Complexes 1 Contact information Eric Fillion, Office C2- 390; Email: [email protected]; Ext. 32470 Lectures: We will meet for CHEM 360 — Organic Chemistry III three times a week. The lectures will provide an introduction to a topic, which will then be discussed in further detail. Lectures: TTh 8:30- 9:50AM; Room: RCH110; F 9:30- 10:20; Room RCH110. Tutorials: The goal is to help you with the material covered in the lecture and to demonstrate the importance of the long- term capacity to understand and analyze a given problem by allowing you to practice and apply specific concepts. Intense practice of problem solving and the development of systematic rules of analysis, whic...
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