St ss e c what is the map distance between e and ss 14

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Unformatted text preview: t---ss---e c) What is the map distance between e and ss? 14 map units [(122+18)/1000] 2) You want to perform an interrupted mating mapping experiment with a Hfr strain that is Pyr+, Met+, Xyl+, Tyr+, Arg+, His+, Mal+, and StrS. a) What would be an appropriate F- bacterial strain to use as the other partner in this mating? Pyr-, Met-, Xyl-, Tyr-, Arg-, His-, Mal-, StrR b) In this interrupted mating experiment, the Pyr+ gene enters the recipient in 5 minutes. However, at this time point there are no resulting colonies that are Met+, Xyl+, Tyr+, Arg+, His+, or Mal+. Af...
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