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Unformatted text preview: ression/Anxiety Social Problems Thought Problems Attention Problems Noncompliant/Delinquent Behavior Aggressive Behavior Internalizing vs. Externalizing 2 Internalizing Then, second­order factor analysis: Factor 1: “Internalizing” Withdrawn, Somatic, Anxiety/Depression Factor 2: “Externalizing” Factor analyze the factors Noncompliant/Delinquent/Aggressive In the middle: Attention, Thought, Social problems Internalizing vs. Externalizing 3 Internalizing Synonyms: Differentiating Points Internalizing = Overcontrolled, Emotional Problems Externalizing = Undercontrolled, Behavior Problems Externalizing more stable than Internalizing Different temperamental traits predict each Externalizing higher in boys, after age 3­4 Internalizing higher in girls, especially by adolescence In general, Externalizing more resistant to treatment But, they’re more closely related than believed Association/Comorbidity Association/Comorbidity In the real world, there are correlations (dimensional) or comorbidities (categorical) between types of child mental disorder Most children coming to clinical attention have blends of these types of problems See example from MTA Study—one that’s been going on here at Cal and at 6 other centers in US and Canada for 15 years Comorbidity in the MTA Sample (n=579) (n=579) ADHD alone ODD 179 126 1 26 40% 31% Tic 15 14 11% 12 5 Conduct 43 14% 8 4 1 3 2 11 67 4% Mood 5 26 Anxiety 34% 58 Comorbidity Comorbidity Definition: overlap of independent conditions So, if truly independent, should be rare ADHD + LD example: In fact, what’s correlation between broad­band Internalizing vs. Externalizing dimensions? Comorbidity = ca. 25%, but if by chance, 10% x 10% = 1%, even with these liberal percentages .6 to .7! Meaning of comorbidity: May mean CORRELATED RISK FACTORS negative parenting for both aggression AND depression May signal transactional processes Predicts resistance to treatment May signal problems with our classifications We still don’t know enough!...
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