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Moral model 3 extensionofsocialnormmodelintoreligious

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Unformatted text preview: t personality” Hard to imagine that this is adequate for science of psychopathology Stay tuned for HARMFUL DYSFUNCTION 3. Moral Model 3. Extension of social norm model into religious, ethical domain Throughout history, perhaps the predominant view of ‘mental illness’ Demonology: possession by evil or animal spirits Outmoded today, right? Example of homosexuality and vote of American Psychiatric Association in 1973 Example of homelessness Example of what most of us probably believe, deep inside: Deviant behavior reflects a lack of ‘morals,’ or at least personal character or ‘will’ 4. Impairment/Ecological Model 4. Here, it’s the amount of disability and impairment that a person experiences that are the real indicators of disorder E.g., high activity levels vs. “hyperactivity”—that includes academic/social/family problems Impairment: ‘built into’ most DSM definitions Ecological perspective: “fit” between individual and niche/context E.g., ‘psychotic’ behavior in shaman/mystic vs. industrial­ era culture Implication is that the...
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