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Unformatted text preview: “same” individual, if in a supportive vs. amplifying setting, would be non­disordered in the first and disordered in the second 5. Medical Model 5. Mental disorder as disease state Symptom/sign Syndrome Disorder/disease But complex definitions, even in medicine (e.g., heart disease, cancer vs. infectious illness).… Lack of valid criterion measures in abnormal psychology (where are ‘lab tests’?) A big hope is that this view destigmatizes mental illness After all, if it’s an illness and the person couldn’t help it, we can’t blame him/her We’ll see later if this is really the case 6. Harmful Dysfunction 6. Model of Jerome Wakefield: mental illness must incorporate two facets: HARM (violates social norms, incurs personal impairment) DYSFUNCTION (in naturally selected mental mechanism) Thus, social/cultural PLUS evolutionary/universal criteria It’s an attempt to blend relativistic plus universal aspects, but do we precisely know what the naturally selected mechanisms of behavio...
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