Payoffs margin tuesday close futures to 149 marked to

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Unformatted text preview: s Over the Counter Negotiated Hedging (95%) Very speculative (95%) Daily marked to market Reset at the new price No Clearing House No Margin Requirement No 47 Daily settlements Action Today Morning Sell Wed Futures at $150 Monday Close Futures ↑ to 155 Marked to Market ……………. Payoffs Margin Tuesday Close Futures to 149 Marked to market Reset at…. Wed Close Futures ↑ to 160 Marked to Market Reset at … 48 Hedger or Speculator Hedger Settlement at maturity Net price = Speculator Get out any time Rule : Make Profit if Price drops ~ Short Position Make Profit if Price increase ~ Long Position 49 Example-Bank (mln) Assets 100 Liabilities Equity 90 10 Duration of Assets = 5 yrs, Duration of Liabilities= 3 yrs Current rate = 10%, Δ Equity if Expect the interest rates to increase by 1%? ΔE = - [DA - DL * (L/A)] *A *Δr/(1+r) 50 Case 1 No Basis Risk No basis risk? Δr in Futures = Δr in Spot Futures position? Make “$” if Rates go up Now : Short Futures Contracts and Maturity : Buy Ba...
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