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8 marks b determine the combined stress state at point

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Unformatted text preview: ientations on an element. Using Mohr’s Circle, determine the principal stresses and maximum in-plane shearing stress. (8 marks) (c) Determine the factor of safety against yielding of the material at point B according to the maximum distortion energy theory. The tensile yield stress of the material is 250 MPa. (4 marks) Figure 5 4 ATTENTION: The Singapore Copyright Act applies to the use of this document. Nanyang Technological University Library MA2001/MP2001/AE2008 List of Equations The symbols in the equations have the usual meaning as described in the course text book Mechanics of Materials, 5th Edition, McGraw Hill, 2009 by Beer F. P., Johnston E. R. & Dewolf J. T. Generalized Hooke’s Law Deformation under axial loading i Pi Li Ai Ei x = y = Torsion i Ti Li J i Gi Bending = V Q / (I t) 4r for a semi circle 3 2 x y 2 xy 2 2 EI y" = M(x) Columns Pcr = π2EI/Le2 x y 2 max 2 xy 2 x x y xy 2 x y x y 2 G yz Deflection Stress Transformation 1,2 - G zx = zx G E G= 2(1 + ) Shear x y y yz = =My/I y E - y E x - z - z E E E E y z = z - x - E E E xy xy = =T/J x cos 2 xy sin 2 sin 2 xy cos 2 2 Replace by ( 90) : y x y y x cos 2 xy sin 2 2 2 END OF PAPER 5...
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