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Unformatted text preview: e Singapore Copyright Act applies to the use of this document. Nanyang Technological University Library MP2001/AE2008/MA2001 4. A beam is simply supported at A and C as shown in Figure 4. It is subjected to a uniformly distributed load along BC and a concentrated moment at C. The origin of the x and y axes is located at end A. (a) Draw the shear force diagram of the beam and indicate the shear forces at A, B, C and D. (5 marks) (b) Derive the elastic curve of the beam in terms of x and flexural rigidity EI. (10 marks) (c) Determine the deflection at D if E = 200 GPa. (5 marks) y A B 1m 4 kN/m 10 kNm D C 1m x 1m (not to scale) Fig...
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