All the bars have the same square cross sectional

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Unformatted text preview: s have the same square cross-sectional area of 20 mm 20 mm and they are connected by pins of 10-mm diameter at junctions A, B, C and D. Junction C is simply supported and junction D has a rolling support. The bars AB, BC, CD and AD have the same length L 300 mm and form 2 right angles ABC = ADC = 90. The elastic modulus and ultimate normal stress of each bar are 70 GPa and 250 MPa, respectively. A point load P is applied vertically at junction B. A D B P C Figure 1 (a) Determine the allowable load P if an overall safety factor of 2 is required. (b) Determine the displacement of junction A. 1 (15 marks) (5 marks)...
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