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Determine the principal stresses and maximum shearing

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Unformatted text preview: and r. (10 marks) (b) Using a safety factor of 1.5, determine the allowable load P against yielding of the material at point E according to Tresca and Von Mises yield criteria. The yield stress of the material is 250 MPa and radius r is 40 mm. (6 marks) (c) Sketch the bending moment diagram for portion AB in the x-y plane and indicate the bending moments at A and B in terms of P and L. (4 marks) y Fixed end Cross section at A y A B z x P z E D Figure 5(a) Figure 5(b) C P 5 ATTENTION: The Singapore Copyright Act applies to the use of this document. Nanyang Technological University Library MP2001/AE2008/MA2001 List of Equations The symbo...
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