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mp200112132 - ATTENTION The Singapore Copyright Act applies...

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MP2001/AE2008/MA2001 1 NANYANG TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY SEMESTER 2 EXAMINATION 2012-2013 MP2001/AE2008/MA2001 - MECHANICS OF MATERIALS April/May 2013 Time Allowed: 2 ½ hours INSTRUCTIONS 1. This paper contains FIVE (5) questions and comprises SIX (6) pages. 2. Answer ALL questions. 3. All questions carry equal marks. 4. This is a CLOSED-BOOK Examination. 5. A list of equations can be found on Page 6. 1. In Figure 1, a structural system consists of 5 pin-ended aluminum bars AB, BC, CD, AD and AC. All the bars have the same square cross-sectional area of mm 20 mm 20 and they are connected by pins of 10-mm diameter at junctions A, B, C and D. Junction C is simply supported and junction D has a rolling support. The bars AB, BC, CD and AD have the same length mm 300 L and form 2 right angles ABC = ADC = 90 . The elastic modulus and ultimate normal stress of each bar are 70 GPa and 250 MPa, respectively. A point load P is applied vertically at junction B. Figure 1 (a) Determine the allowable load P if an overall safety factor of 2 is required. (15 marks) (b) Determine the displacement of junction A. (5 marks) A C B P D ATTENTION: The Singapore Copyright Act applies to the use of this document. Nanyang Technological University Library
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MP2001/AE2008/MA2001 2 2. Figure 2(a) shows a beam ABC fixed at end C and free at end A. The beam has a uniformly distributed load q between A and B, and a concentrated moment M o at B.
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