799-301 Chapter 02

Transportaoon warehousing costs reasons for buying

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Unformatted text preview: t Expansion Market Value Private or Public Shareholders see high yield MANUAL PURCHASING SYSTEM TERMINOLOGY • Material RequisiOon • Purchase RequisiOon • Purchase Orders Ø། Blanket Orders Ø། Planned Order Releases • RFQ / RFP (KNOW THE DIFFERENCE) q༇ SUPPLIER DEVELOPMENT • ExpediOng (follow- up) q༇ EXAMPLES • Sales Orders • UCC – Uniform Commercial Code • e- Procurement Ø། EDI – Orders and Controls Ø། ASNs – Electronic Carton Level Packing Slips (relates to UCC) MANUAL PURCHASING SYSTEM FLOW Purchase Order Types Manual Orders vs e- Procurement •  Small Value Orders –  –  –  –  •  •  •  •  •  Peay Cash Blank Check Corporate Credit Cards Accumulated Monthly Billing Blanket Orders Stockless Buying StandardizaOon of Components AccumulaOon and ConsolidaOon of Orders Fixed Order Intervals MAKE or BUY Outsourcing Decisions •  Decision Points –  Cost...
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