799-301 Chapter 04

Quality improve financial performance strategic

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Unformatted text preview: Build Intangible Assets - BRANDING and REPUTATION Three Recent Trends •  Growth in number of organizaOon buying GREEN •  Energy ConservaOon is the most popular of Green Sourcing •  Market is increasing in Environmentally Friendly Products DEVELOPING ETHICAL and SUSTAINABLE SOURCING STRATEGIES FuncOonal Products - Example: Basic T- Shirts, Hanes / Fruit of the Loom Underwear Long Life Cycle Low Profit Margins InnovaOve Products - Examples: High Fashion, Electronics Consumer Goods Technology Short Life Cycle Higher Margins MRO (Maintenance Repair, OperaOng) Like FuncOonal Products, with some exposure to InnovaOon ELIMINATE SQUEEZING – control costs thru Hard Bargaining with Suppliers REVIEW Sourcing •  Managing External Resources •  Impacted by consumer demands to: –  Reduce Costs –  Reduce Delivery Cycle Times –  Improve Quality –  Improve Financial Performance Strategic Sourcing Managing Exter...
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