799-301 Chapter 04

E procurement indirect interacoon supplier performance

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Unformatted text preview: n as: –  Supply Base ReducOon –  Supply Base OpOmizaOon Focus on Fewer Suppliers and Stronger Performance The FEWEST number of suppliers to get the job done EFFICIENTLY, while reducing RISK EvaluaOng and SelecOng •  CollaboraOon •  Scorecards •  Channel Equity – Steps to Channel Partnership –  Leading to increased value to all parOes •  Cross FuncOonal CommunicaOon •  Lockheed MarOn: –  –  –  –  Quality Delivery Affordability Management / AdministraOon Strategic Alliance and Supplier Cer=fica=on •  •  •  •  •  •  REMEMBER: Internal and External ISO – InternaOonal OrganizaOon for StandardizaOon Six Sigma Black Belt CerOficaOon Site Audits Acceptance Sampling StaOsOcal Process Control (SPC) OUTSOURCING •  Risks and Exposure? •  Insourcing • ...
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