799-301 Chapter 04

Without hindering the ability to meet the needs of

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Unformatted text preview: Freely Chosen Freedom of AssociaOon and Right to CollecOve Bargaining Safe and Healthy working condiOons NO Child Labor Living Wages Working Hours are not excessive NO DiscriminaOon Regular Employment is provided NO Harsh or Inhumane treatment is allowed FAIR TRADE PRODUCTS •  Disadvantaged Producer •  Developing Country •  Minority Supplier Preference •  EXAMPLES of Fair Trade Products –  Coffee –  Tea –  Cocoa –  Sugar –  Coeon SUSTAINABLE SOURCING •  SUSTAINABILITY –  The ability to meet the needs of the current Supply Chain members, without hindering the ability to meet the needs of future generaOons •  Economic •  Environmental •  Social Challenges •  GREEN PURCHASING –  Waste ReducOon –  Hazardous Material EliminaOon –  Recycling –  Remanufacturing –  Material reuse (END )SUSTAINABLE SOURCING Four Objectives •  •  •  •  Grow Revenues Reduce Costs Manage Risks...
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