799-301 Chapter 05

stock keeping units upc forecasting heraclitus circa

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Unformatted text preview: rstand WHY to not lose it Carry over Methods / Procedures other areas Macro / Micro Segments or Groups Sub Groups Entities (SKUs, Customers) ??? (Stock Keeping Units - UPC) FORECASTING •  Heraclitus (Circa 650 BC) “You cannot step into the same river twice.” •  Anaximander (Circa 650 BC) “You cannot step into the same river once.” TWO TYPES OF Forecas8ng Techniques Qualita've Methods Intui8on – Subjec8ve - Judgmental Available Data is Limited Current Data not valid for future New Product introduc8on •  Simple Linear Regression •  Multiple Regression Adjusted for Cause and Effect Difficult for long range projec8on METHODS Jury of Executive Opinion Delphi – Blind Consensus (Ants) Sales Force Composite Consumer...
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