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Unformatted text preview: If you are going to do a manual calibration, the instructions will be given in the lab manual. Choose ARead Calibration from a File@. Another window appears with a list of calibration files available. Choose AThermistor model 103A, then click on AOpen@ to complete the calibration process. Temperature will be measured in Celsius, the default setting. Then click on AFinish@. On the MicroLab unit, the red light above Input A will be lit. On the computer screen, in the AData Sources@ area, it should show AThermistor A@ under SENSOR. You may now drag and drop the thermistor to the y axis of the graph, digital display area and the chart. To set up a timer, follow the same series of steps as above choosing ATime@. There are 3 timers, you may choose any one of the...
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