5 random variables many answers are correct 5 missile

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Unformatted text preview: ‘good day’ messages” ) = P ( way 1 or way 2 ) = P ( way 1 ) + P ( way 2 ) ⇐⇒ 4 1 3 [12p + (1 − p)18] = 125 25 ⇐⇒ p = 0.5 Random Variables Many answers are correct. 5 Missile Protection System A missile protection system consists of n radar sets operating independently, each with probability 0.9 of detecting a missile entering a zone that is covered by all of the units. 3 2 messages a) Find a nice expression for the probability of detecting at least one of the sets detects the missile. (Tip: what is the probability, that a missile is not detected by any of the sets? - and what...
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