A clear example is global warming without the use of

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Unformatted text preview: s global warming. Without the use of science, it would be very difficult to note the small changes in the temperature, which in the long run could have devastating effects on our planet. However, following their studies, scientists made people aware of this increase in temperature and the possible effects on the planet. The application of science, that is technology, will help the government in deciding how the issue could be tackled. Formulation stage Once the government is aware of the problem, the following step is the decision of what to do about the problem. This means that, while keeping in mind the present situation of the country, a policy is developed. Various groups of people are involved in making public policy. In most cases, policy is made by officials appointed by the government, if not by members of government themselves. When necessary, they are supported by advisory commissions. Involved in this stage are also interest groups. The importance of these groups lies in the fact that in most of the cases they have technical knowledge about the matter. For instance, before the 2010 budget was approved by the parliament, both the GWU and the GRTU made their proposals, thereby offering some alternatives to the government. Ultimately, all the parties that could potentially be affected by the proposed measures can make their proposals. This was clearly seen when a consultation document was presented 4 regarding he reform on special schools. In an article on The Times of Malta, it was stated that ³The minister encouraged people to give their feedback on the reform, which should start being implemented in the [following] scholastic year.´ In deciding which course of action to take, the policy makers may consider certain practices already present in other countries. However, policy makers should keep in mind that each country has its unique situation, and therefore modifications need to be made to the policy to overcome certain national barriers. There are two main...
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