Onstart and onstop can be called mulple mes as the

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Unformatted text preview: As an ac'vity transi'ons from state to state, it is no'fied of the change by calls to the following protected methods: void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) void onStart() void onRestart() void onResume() void onPause() void onStop() void onDestroy() COMP 4521 (Muppala) Android Overview 5 Ac'vity Lifecycle Three nested loops for the en're lifecycle –  Visible Life'me •  User can see the ac'vity on- screen, though it may not be in the foreground and interac'ng with the user. •  onStart() and onStop() can be called mul'ple 'mes, as the ac'vity alternates between being visible and hidden to the user. Foreground Life'me •  From onCreate() to onDestroy() •  An ac'vity does all its ini'al setup of "global" state in onCreate() •  releases all remaining resources in onDestroy() •  For example, create that thread in onCreate() and then stop the thread in onDestroy(). Visible Life'me –  En"re life"me En're Life'me •  –  Foreground Life'me •  Ac'vity is in front of all other ac'vi'es on screen and is interac'ng with the user. COMP 4521 (Muppala) Android Overview 6 Ac'vity Lifecycle •  When are the methods called in an ac'vity's overall lifecycle?   onCreate() •  Called when the ac'vity is first created or when the ac'vity was killed –  onStart() •  Called just before the ac'vity becomes visible to user –  onRestart() •  Called aZer the ac'vity has been stopped, just prior to it being started again –  onResume() •  Called just before the ac'vity starts interac'ng with the user •  At this point, the ac'vity is at the top of the ac'vit...
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