Comp 4521 muppala mobile application development 11

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Unformatted text preview: nal variables •  Object code genera,on: Every source file is translated into a corresponding object file (e.g., the .c files to .o files in Unix), may create intermediate assembly file COMP 4521 (Muppala) Mobile Application Development 10 Crea,ng Executable Code for Embedded Systems •  Remember, a (na,ve) compiler is: –  A so3ware program that runs in the (processor of the) worksta,on (host) –  Creates object code that is understandable by the processor in the worksta,on (host) •  There is no reason why in the second step, we cannot generate object code for a different processor •  A cross- compiler does exactly that! COMP 4521 (Muppala) Mobile Application Development 11 Crea,ng Executable Code for Embedded Systems •  Cross- Compilers –  Na,ve tools are good for host, but to port/locate embedded code to target, the host must have a tool chain that includes a cross- compiler, one which runs on the host but produces code for the target processor –  This means we can s,ll work in the comfort of the worksta,on (host) and generate code that runs on a target –  Remember that the cross- compiled object code cannot be run on the host! COMP 4521 (Muppala) Mobile Application Development 12 Integrated Development Environment integrated tools environment program build program debug resource configuration real -time analysis simulator plug -in tools Host Computer COMP 4521 (Muppala) Target applicat...
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