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Unformatted text preview: Manages the lifecycle of applica5ons and provides a common naviga5on backstack Android Overview 11 Android Architecture - Libraries •  Features •  Includes a set of C/C++ libraries used by various components of the Android system •  Exposed to developers through the Android applica5on framework COMP 4521 (Muppala) Android Overview –  System C Library (Bionic) a version of libc –  Media Libraries suppor5ng playback and recording of popular audio/video formats –  Surface Manager (Surface Flinger) –  Audio Manager (Audio Flinger) –  LibWebCore (WebKit) –  SGL –  3D Libraries: Open GL ES –  WebKit browser support –  SQLite 12 Android Architecture - Run5me •  Core Libraries –  Provides most of the func5onality available in the core libraries of the Java programming language –  APIs •  •  •  •  •  •  Data Structures U5li5es File Access Network Access Graphics Etc COMP 4521 (...
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