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Unformatted text preview: ed when a new key event occurs. –  onKeyUp(int, KeyEvent) - Called when a key up event occurs. –  onTrackballEvent(Mo7onEvent) - Called when a trackball mo7on event occurs. –  onTouchEvent(Mo7onEvent) - Called when a touch screen mo7on event occurs. –  onFocusChanged(boolean, int, Rect) - Called when the view gains or loses focus. COMP 4521 (Muppala) Android UI Overview 31 Touch Mode •  For touch capable devices, touch mode is ac7vated: –  No need to give focus to ac7onable items like bu8ons by highligh7ng them or to give focus to a par7cular view to indicate to the user which item will accept the input –  Touch mode ac7vated when the user touches the screen –  Touch mode exited when the user hits a direc7onal key or scrolls with the trackball –  Only widgets for which isFocusableInTouchMode() is true will...
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