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Unformatted text preview: be focusable, like text edi7ng widgets –  Other Views that are touchable, like bu8ons, will not take focus when touched; they will simply fire their on- click listeners when pressed COMP 4521 (Muppala) Android UI Overview 32 Handling Focus •  Framework handles rou7ne focus movements in response to user input: –  Changing the focus as Views are removed or hidden, or as new Views become available •  Focus movement is based on an algorithm which finds the nearest neighbor in a given direc7on –  If not the intended behavior as per the developer, then override with the following XML a8ributes in the layout file: nextFocusDown, nextFocusUp, nextFocusLeP, nextFocusRight. –  Example: <LinearLayout android:orienta7on="ver7cal" ... > <Bu8on android:id=&quo...
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