G mouseevent xy coordinates handler listener objects

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Unformatted text preview: No preemp7on of event handlers. •  Handlers generally short- lived. COMP 4521 (Muppala) Android UI Overview Event Loop Event Handlers 11 What Are Events Used For? •  Mostly GUIs: –  One handler for each event (press bu8on, invoke menu entry, etc.). –  Handler implements behavior (undo, delete file, etc.). •  Distributed systems: –  One handler for each source of input (socket, etc.). –  Handler processes incoming request, sends response. –  Event- driven I/O for I/O overlap. COMP 4521 (Muppala) Android UI Overview 12 Event Driven Programming •  Instead of a user synchronizing with the program, the program synchronizes with, or reacts to, the user •  All communica7on from user to computer occurs via EVENTS and the code that handles the events •  An event is an ac7on that happens in the system –  –  –  –  A bu8on pressed or released A...
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