Let us add a linear layout horizontal to the bottom

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Unformatted text preview: thod being executed. This will help us to trace out which method has been called by which activity. 8. Run the application and trace the sequence of methods being executed in the activities. A Simple UI for a Basic Music Player Introduction In this lab we will learn music player related functions of Android. We will construct a simple music player using the APIs offered by Android. Objectives • Learn to use music player related APIs. A Simple Music Player 1. Download MusicPlayer1.zip from the course website, and extract it to the workspace of Eclipse, e.g., M:\workspace. Import the project into eclipse. 2. Make sure the IDE and SDK is bundled and working correctly and you already have an Android Virtual Device (AVD). COMP 4521 (Spring 2014) Week 3 7 3. Notice that we have two packages in the source folder. We will not go into details for the package "hkust.comp4521.audio.player" now which conta...
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