We need to add one new button open the asknamexml and

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Unformatted text preview: or errors in the project, right click on the project directory in Eclipse, try Android Tools- >Fix Project Properties to fix the error. 7. F IGUR E 1 I MPORT A N E XISTING P ROJECT 8. Run the application. You will see the following output: 9. We want to modify the Hello Friend example to print either Hello <Friend’s Name> or Goodbye <Friend’s Name> on the screen. We need to add one new button. Open the ask_name.xml and COMP 4521 (Spring 2013) Week 3 2 click on Graphical Layout and add a new button and name it as "Say Goodbye!". Click on Layouts and add a Linear Layout (Horizontal) to the layout, and place the two buttons inside this layout so that both of them can be horizontally aligned. The UI will be as shown below, 10. Open AskName.java. We added the reference...
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