We will not go into details for the package

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Unformatted text preview: o- generated method stub super.onResume(); Log.i(TAG, "Activity: onResume()"); } @Override protected void onStart() { // TODO Auto- generated method stub super.onStart(); Log.i(TAG, "Activity: onStart()"); } @Override protected void onStop() { // TODO Auto- generated method stub super.onStop(); Log.i(TAG, "Activity: onStop()"); } or we can do that in the way shown in the Figure below: Right click on the class name and do the following: ClassName- >Source- >Override/Implement Methods.... Mark the methods that you want to incorporate in your class. COMP 4521 (Spring 2014) Week 3 6 NB: The methods that has already been incorporated within the class will not be displayed here. 7. In every individual method, let us add "Log.i() method" with the TAG and the message which denotes the me...
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