Zip from the course website and extract it to the

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Unformatted text preview: listener to handle UI events • Create a simple UI using EditText and a Button • Learn how to display text on a UI Application with Multiple Activities and a Simple UI using EditText 4. Download from the course website, and extract it to the workspace of Eclipse, e.g., M:\workspace. The zip file contains the final result of Lab 1. 5. Make sure the IDE and SDK is bundled and working correctly and you already have an Android Virtual Device(AVD). COMP 4521 (Spring 2013) Week 3 1 6. Import an existing project: In Eclipse, click File- >Import - >General - > Existing Projects into Workspace. Find the location of the root directory of HelloFriend, and press Finish. Make sure that after importing the project, Eclipse gives no warnings. If there are warnings...
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