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The Director Part I copy (3)

I dont pay that kind of stuff no mind and you going

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Unformatted text preview: at heebie-jeebie stuff. I just put up with that ‘cause of you. I don’t pay that kind of stuff no mind. And you going down there to the church and wanna come home and sprinkle salt all over the place. home BERTHA: It don’t hurt none. I can’t say if it help...but BERTHA: it don’t hurt none. it BERTHA: BERTHA: (Look here, Bertha.) I done seen Bynum out there with done them pigeons before. them (See it over there?) Instead actors see “sides” of Instead Come on and get your breakfast and Come the script. the leave that man alone. leave Example what Act 1, Scene 1 Example (I don’t know why I put up with it.) of Joe Turner’s Come and You don’t say nothing when he bless You Gone would look like as a this house. this “side.” “side.” (...and wanna come home and sprinkle (...and salt all over the place.) salt It don’t hurt none. I can’t say if it It help...but it don’t hurt none. help...but Actors provide their own costumes Highly melodramatic, gestural, and presentational acting style Development of Modern Director “The director filled needs created by (1) an interest in a more detailed representation of place and character history--the movement called realism, which attempted to put a sense of daily life on the stage--and (2) the profusion of theatre styles that arose in response to realism” (A...
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