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The Director Part I copy (3)

The director creates the stage action and unifies all

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Unformatted text preview: rnold 136) The Director “The theatre practitioner who has primary responsibility for the interpretation of a play. The director creates the stage action and unifies all the elements of the production” (Arnold 492). Exact role and methods used depends on the director A Spectrum of Creative Control The Collaborator<--------------------------------------------->The Auteur The Collaborator Often guiding the creation of “devised work” “devised work”: creation of original material by an ensemble usually comprised of performers Examples: Elizabeth LeCompte (p.145 in CS), Anne Bogart A Spectrum, cont’d. The Auteur Controls everything down to each minute detail May even take over design work Approaching a New Production 1) A World Premier Director usually works with the playwright Script still in development Occasionally the playwright will double as director Approaching a New 2) Using a previously performed and/or published Production text Examples: Any play that is not brand new (Shakespeare, Greek tragedies, Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller, etc.) The majority of productions 3) A Devised Work May create a script that can be used in future productions The Laramie Project Metaphor and the Designers “an analogy, or comparison, a symbolic way of expressing the action of the play” (Arnold 149) a very specific image “a way of expressing the most compelling ideas of the play in a concentrated form that will become a guide for the work of all the theatre artist...
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