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And the designers arnold 149 whatstorydoyouwanttotell

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Unformatted text preview: s involved in the production” (Arnold 149) “a process initiated by the director but very much dependent on the collaboration between the director and the designers” (Arnold 149) “What story do you want to tell? •What is the central conflict? Asks: A Director •What is the present­day significance of the play •Why do you want to direct it? •What did the action of the play mean in its time? •What type of play is it? How would you describe its genre? •When and where should it be set? Why? •In what type of world should the action take place? •What are some of the potential design metaphors from the text—and from your own imagination?”* What the Director Communicates to Her Team Vision: How do you see this play happening onstage? Literally. Concept: What do you want people to think when they see this play? Why this? Why now? Mark Taper Joe Turner Lincoln Center Joe Turner...
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