The Director Part I copy (3)

Entire example of the full script example from act 1

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Unformatted text preview: n’t see the Actors entire script. entire Example of the full script Example from Act 1, Scene 1 of Joe Turner’s Come and Gone Turner’s SETH: If that ain’t the damndest thing I seen. Look here, Bertha. here, BERTHA: I done seen Bynum out there with them BERTHA: pigeons before. pigeons SETH: Naw...naw...look at this. That pigeon flopped SETH: out of Bynum’s hand and he about to have a fit. He down there on his hands and knees behind that bush looking all over for that pigeon and it on the other side of the yard. See it over there? other BERTHA: Come on and get your breakfast and leave BERTHA: that man alone. that SETH: Look at him...he still looking. He ain’t seen it SETH: yet. All that old mumbo jumbo nonsense. I don’t know why I put up with it. why BERTHA: You don’t say nothing when he bless the BERTHA: house. house. SETH: I just go along with that ‘cause of you. You SETH: around here sprinkling salt all over the place…got pennies lines up across the threshold...all th...
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