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1 seven normal six sided fair dice are rolled what

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Unformatted text preview: that remain that differ in rank from the first two, etc. This gives the answer: 52 48 44 28 × × ×. . .× 52 51 50 46 This is equal to the answer given above. A common error, however, was to have the 52 expression 52x48x.44x...x28 in the numerator, and the binomial coefficient in 7 the denominator. That's mixing two different interpretations of the outcome of the experiment: one as the selection of a sequence of cards, and the other as the selection of a set of cards. Both are ok, but you have to be consistent. 6. (a) Consider the following experiment: Repeatedly sample people until you find one born in July. Describe a sample space giving the set of outcomes of this experiment, and an associated probability function. There are several correct answers, depending on how you define an `outcome'. Solution. You can define an outcome as a finite...
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