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Unformatted text preview: The American Management Association “Communication is the process by which information is passed between individuals and/or organizations by means of previously agreed symbols.” Peter Little 5 Key Terms in the Definition Social, Process, Symbols, Meaning, & Social, Environment Environment The Elements or factors involved in the process of communication are: Source/Sender, Audience/Receiver, Goal/purpose, Message/Content, Medium/Channel, feedback and Environment/Context Idea Received Message Medium Encoding Message Decoding Tx (Transmitted) Idea Rx (Received) One Way Communication Process Feedback Idea Received Message Medium Encoding Message Decoding Tx (Transmitted) Two Way Communication Process Idea Rx (Received) Message conceived 1 Message decoded 4 Decision to send message as a result of thought process or external stimuli Language is decoded from knowledge of terms, vocabulary, previous information Message encoded 2 Message interpreted 5 Appropriate medium selected: Letter, e-mail, interview, Meeting, telephone Interpretation understanding Underlying as well as explicit meaning Medium selected 3 Feedback supplied 6 Appropriated language Chosen oral, written word, Picture, or non-verbal communication Signals passed to sender/oral or written reply/ non-verbal signals 1. Intrapersonal Level 2. Interpersonal Level 3. Level of public Communication...
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