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Unformatted text preview: umbers NCSU J. D. Martin Cesium Chloride Sodium Chloride Calcium Fluoride Which are Crystals of Salt? And Which are Sugar? J. D. Martin NCSU Born Landé Equa0on for La>ce Energy NCSU J. D. Martin +!! N A Mz z e E= 4!" 0 r0 " 1% $1 ! ' # n& NA = Avogadro's number M = Madelung constant (dependent on the geometry of the crystal) z+ = number of caMons z ­ = number of electrons e ­ = charge of an electron (1.6022 x 10 ­19 C) ε0 = permiSvity of vacuum (8.854 x 10 ­12 C/N m2) r0 = closest ion contact n = Born exponent; empirical number related to the compressibility of the solid Crystal Structure of Ice J. D. Martin NCSU π ­ Stacking J. D. Martin (TMTSF)2PF6 First Organic Superconductor (1980) NCSU EvoluMon of an Energy Band NCSU J. D. Martin H H2 Hn ENERGY σ* Fermi energy σ atomic orbital molecular orbitals crystal orbitals energy band Semiconductors NCSU J. D. Martin ENERGY Conduction Band Ef Ef Donor States En Eg Ef Valence Band n-type Ep Acceptor States p-type...
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