D martin n2 d braggs law n 2d sin d n

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Unformatted text preview: = γ ≠ 90° cubic a=b=c α = β = γ = 90° NCSU Distances from Diffraction NCSU J. D. Martin θ θ θ nλ/2 d Bragg’s Law nλ = 2d sin θ d = nλ 2 (sin θ) Crystals are made up of particles (atoms or molecules) arranged in a repeating pattern. The repeating pattern is the Crystal Lattice, and the box that repeats to make the pattern is the Unit Cell. J. D. Martin NCSU 3 ­D Stacking of Atoms NCSU J. D. Martin A B C Basic Hexagonal and Cubic Unit Cells NCSU J. D. Martin C A A B B A C hexagonal close-packing cubic close-packing hcp ccp Stoichiometry and Coordina0on N...
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