Point to the human figure in the oblique view hold

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Unformatted text preview: ver”. [Task- Input; Description; Task Name] You should also enter the Analyst Name and Company (team) Name for each file using the same Description dialog. o Set the anthropometry of the human model, including height (72 in.) and weight (190 lbs.) using the Anthropometry dialog. [Task- Input; Anthropometry; Height, Weight] These measures are to be used for all human models. o Set the “support selection” to “seated” and indicate that the “seat has a back rest”. [Task- Input; Support Selection; Seated; Seat has back rest] All analyses as part of this lab will be conducted on seated posture positions. The 3DSSPP must be configured appropriately; otherwise, normal forces will be calculated for the feet and not the buttocks. o Set the hand loads to 0 lbs....
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