Use direct manipulation in the oblique view in order

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Unformatted text preview: order to roughly adjust the body segment angles. Point and click on the Side View. Point to any square tick mark on the human stick figure model in order to adjust the positions and angles of the body segments. (Note: Pay attention to the movement of the segment representations in the Top and Front views while manipulating the segment controls in the Side View in order to ensure proper positioning of the human model in the vehicle cab.) It is recommended that you position the hands and feet in place before attempting to manipulate other segment angles. Otherwise, you should use the Locking Modes to fix the trunk and legs in position, for example, while you adjust hand position. [Task- Input; Locking Mode] o Once you think you have roughly positioned the body segments to conform with the angles of the vehicle seat, location of the steering wheel, etc., verify the body segment angles against the template of angles provided below (for e...
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