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Unformatted text preview: ith “transparency” to make integration with the vehicle cab easier. [Oblique- View; Background; Figure Transparency <slide bar to 20%>] o Directly manipulate the human model. First, left (mouse) click on the Oblique- View. Point to the human figure and left click and hold the mouse. Drag the mouse in order to position the figure as close as possible to the car seat. o Magnify the human figure to match the magnification factor of the vehicle cab image. Point to the human figure in the Oblique- View. Hold down the shift key on the keyboard and, at the same time, click and hold the left mouse • button. Move the mouse right and left to enlarge or shrink the human image, respectively. o Rotate the human figure about the Z and Y Axes of rotation. Point to the human figure in the Obli...
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