You will manipulate the human models to posture

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Unformatted text preview: anthropometric information for human models. You will retrieve images of various automobile cabs into the “Oblique- View” of the 3DSSPP interface (and center the images). You will manipulate the human models to posture positions that fit the design of the car cabs. (Body segment angles will be provided.) You will ensure that specific camera locations and angles are used in viewing the integration of the human models with the car cabs. (3) observe percentages of the population capable of maintaining the in- vehicle posture positions as well as the low- back spinal compressive force – You will record the percentage of persons that have the strength to withstand the load on spine for the seated posture position as well as the L4/L5 compressive force in lbs. Finally, you will observe whether the human model maintains a balanced posture in the cab (in terms of forces on the body when seated); (4) compare posture analysis results for the various vehicle cabs – You will record the low- back c...
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