You will use the first three functions to setup a

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Unformatted text preview: will also learn how to view particular analysis reports. o The application interface defaults to a multi- window view. The upper three windows appearing below the menu bar present planar views of the human figure from the vantage point of specific axes. The “Top” view looks down the Z Axis. The “Front” view looks along the Y Axis, etc. (Note: In the axis frame of reference, the Z Axis is colored red. The Y Axis is green and the X Axis is blue.) The lower two windows present the Oblique (or task) View and the 3DSSPP Analysis Summary. o Referring to the menu bar, the primary Task- Input functions include: Description, Support Selection, Anthropometry, Body Segment Angles, Pre- Set Postures, Locking Mode, Hand Loads and External Applied Forces and Moments. You will use the first three functions to setup...
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