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O once the camera location and angles are properly

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Unformatted text preview: [Task- Input; Hand Loads; Left Applied Load, Magnitude, etc.] Assume that driver hand forces at steering wheels are negligible. Assume that passengers are not holding any objects. o Select a Pre- Set Posture position. Assume all drivers/passengers assume a seated posture. [Task- Input; Pre- Set Postures; Neutral Sit] The use of this menu will accelerate your posing of any human model in a vehicle cab. o Render the human figure as a “wireframe” for integration with the vehicle cab image. [Oblique- View; Human Figure; Model Type, Wireframe] It is easier to see objects in the vehicle cab when the human models are rendered as wireframes. o Retrieve a background image of a car cab to which you will fit the human model. [Oblique- View; Background; Image, Use Image <select file>, Center] Render the human model w...
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